~Pierre Bonnard

In this interior, a girl with a blouse the color
of summer sits in front of a window. Behind her,
a curtain falls, a shower of light, and behind that,
the tropical foliage of Le Cannet. Outside my window
in Virginia,itís a day still trying to make up its mindó
dregs of snow in the corners, daffodils ringing bravely
in the cold wind. Spring is late this year, the grass
undecided if it should take a pass, stay sleeping,
rolled up in its patchy old coat. But there are
two blue jays at the feeding table, and they
arenít fooled by the bare trees, the blossoms
reluctant to unfold. They know the sun by its angle,
see that the stars have gathered in their spring
locks. They are bluer than the sky, and they know it.
Every day, thereís another cup of sunlight. They tilt
back their heads, and they drink it all in.
~Barbara Crooker


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